“Il diritto c’è, ma non si vede” is the Italian blog on Japanese law.
The blog reports on the latest news and gives critical insights on the most important issues related to Japanese law & society.

The author of the blog, Andrea Ortolani, lives in Tokyo since 2003.
He majors in comparative and Japanese law.

In principle, posts are in the author’s native tongue, Italian.
Posts in English are marked with [E] and you can find them by clicking here.
Comments in English or Japanese are accepted; replies however might be in Italian.
The blog welcomes guest posts. If you are interested in publishing a post on “il diritto c’è, ma non si vede”, please contact the editor here.

All photos appearing in the header have been shot in Japan by the editor, except for a set that regular readers will easily identify.
At the moment the entire set consists of 98 pictures. Collect them all! 😀

Copyright notice (freely adapted from the Against Monopoly Blog)

I don’t think much of copyright, so you can do what you want with the content on this blog. Of course I am hungry for publicity, so I would be pleased if you avoided plagiarism and gave me credit for my work and what I have written.
My full name, and a link to the blog is the proper way to do it.

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