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so far, this is not a commercial site.
by the way, I wonder somebody of you really want to support the owner's activity.

your donations will contribute maintaining a standard of excellence and your name will be written FOREVER on the page "friends of", the most exclusive club of the world wide web, an absolute non-no! you won't miss this chance, will you?
apart from that, your donations will allow me to eat in the most expensive restaurants and to buy crappy gadgets for my mac.

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i can also offer you these services, tailored on your needs:

- photo service

you got interested in a pic and you want to have it in hi-res? do you want to see more? do you want me to take some pics for you?
send me a mail, a small donation and you'll be satisfied.


- personal travel guide

do you want to fund a research on the best tonkotsu ramen in tokyo? do you want me to try the grand hyatt hotel in shinjuku? do you want to read a report on okinawa beaches or on the beppu hot springs?
send me a mail, an adequate donation and you won't be disappointed.